An Importer-Exporter code (IEC) is a business Identification Number, issued by DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade), required at the time of export to Outside India or Import in India. No person can do export or import without obtaining an IEC unless specifically exempted.

Key Features:

  1. It is a Unique business Identification Number;
  2. Consequent upon the introduction of GST, IEC code number is allotted on individual PAN or Entity PAN for availing befits from export development council or DGFT and for importing/Exporting any goods/ services;
  3. IEC would be separately issued by DGFT.
  4. An Entity should have a bank account in his own name and a valid Address before applying.


The requirement of IEC:

In case of import or export of services or Technology, the IEC is required only when the respective services or Technology provider takes the benefits under Foreign Trade Policy, otherwise, the provider deals in specified Services or Technologies.

Entities obtain IEC:

Following are the entities which can obtain IEC:-

  • Proprietorship Firm;
  • Partnership Firm;
  • LLP; (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • Trust;
  • Society;
  • HUF;
  • Limited Company.

How to Register under DGFT for IEC Code:

Step -1 Visit the DGFT website Click on Services Tab and drag the mouse on the IEC Profile Management tab and apply for IEC Application.

Step -2 Proceed with the required Registrations details.

Step -3 Enter OTPs received via e-mail or Phone No.

Step -4 after the validation of OTPs, the person shall receive a Temporary Password, which is required to be changed upon the first-time login.


Once the user gets resisted under the DGFT website and login into the Customer portal, two options are available to the person.

  • Existing Importer/Exporter shall Link the IEC.
  • New Importer/Exporter may apply for IEC.


Under DGFT Portal, to apply for IEC Code you would require:

  1. Valid Login Credentials (the user will get the same after registration on DGFT Portal);
  2. User shall have valid PAN and its details like Date of Birth or Incorporation, name as per PAN, it shall be validated by the Income Tax Department.
  3. Following are  the documents required:(Scanned copies for uploading):
    1. Proof of Incorporation/Registration/Establishment:
      1. For Partnership Firm: Partnership Deed
      2. For Company: COI/MOA/AOA 
      3. For LLP: LLP Agreement
      4. For Trust: Trust Deed
      5. For others: Any other document which proves the validity of the Entity
    2. Proof of Address: (Any of the following document)”
      1. Rent Agreement, Sale deed, Lease Deed, electricity bill, utility bill, Gas bill, mobile bill, landline bill, Partnership deed;
      2. Other documents as acceptable to the DGFT: LIKE(Aadhar card, Passport, Voter id card);
      3. NOC –NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE: In case the Address proof is not in the name of the applicant, NOC from the owner of the premises, is required as an address proof.
    3. Proof of Firm’s Bank Account: 
      1. Bank Certificate;
      2. Cancelled cheque.
  4. The applicant or user should have a valid DSC OR Aadhar of the entity’s member for submission of the application;
  5. Active Firm’s Bank account: Entering its details for making online payment of the application fees.
IEC Code (IMPORTER-EXPORTER CODE) Step By step registration & document requirement- Cs Riya Khurana

IEC Code (IMPORTER-EXPORTER CODE) Step By step registration & document requirement- Cs Riya Khurana

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